디스크 연삭숫돌 Nut Inserted Disc Grinding Wheels
관리자. 2013-03-06, HIT 8493
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너트 달린 디스크형 연삭숫돌은 연삭숫돌을 철판 후렌지와 볼트로 접착 시키거나 2개의 디스크 숫돌이 한조가 되어서 수직 또는 수평면으로 각종 공작물의 양쪽 평면을 정밀하게 가공하는데 사용된다.

Disc wheels are used on disc grinders to grind flat surfaces. These wheels are resin bonded and usually used in sets of two. They are not mounted like most standard wheels. There is a series of nut inserts in the back of the wheel. Bolts are placed through a plate and screwed into the nut inserts in the wheel. Disc grinders are normally high production grinders. In many applications, one disc grinder will feed a large number of other grinders or assembly operations.

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