평면 연삭숫돌 Surface Grinding Wheels
관리자. 2013-03-06, HIT 12996
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피삭재를 마그넷척에 대어 숫돌의 원주면으로 연삭하는 수평축 평면연삭(횡축)과 숫돌의 단면으로 연삭하는 수직축 평면연삭(종축)이 있으며 용도와 특성에 따라 그 종류가 다양하지만 수평축과 수직축 연삭 방식이 가장 널리 사용되고 있는 연삭 방법이다.
In surface grinding, two basically different types of machines are used. One is vertical spindle type and the other is horizontal spindle type machine. Discs, ring, and segment are also employed as surface grinding operations. They grind many types of work pieces where surface finish and flatness are required. They grind
bearing parts, piston rings, connecting rods, springs, and automotive parts. Tolerances of 0.005 mm for dimension, straightness and parallel can be achieved in surface grinding.
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